SAicorp provides specialist advice, guidance and training to public sector agencies on risk management matters and assists agencies in the development of risk management standards and practices and strategic programs.  SAicorp  also provides access to a Risk Register software application used for managing and reporting risks for the Agency.

Risk Register Database

As part of the development of an end to end insurance system, SAicorp has developed a Risk Register database. This database is available for use by agencies. Its features include:

  • easily identifies changes to risks between reporting periods;
  • allows both qualitative and quantitative assessment of the risk level;
  • supports the quantification of risk through a client-definable matrix scoring system; and
  • increases the efficiency of risk management reporting for the organisation.

The database provides an alternative to maintaining spreadsheets and is less expensive and resource intensive than a large scale risk management solution.

For further information or a demonstration please contact Tricia Ielasi on 8226 2553 or